• Mary Tilson
    Mary Tilson
    Tania has a unique ability to capture the magic of some of the most beautiful places in the world. After seeing her work at Hariharalaya Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center and Nihiwatu Resort, both of which I have lived and worked at, I asked her to help out with my personal projects. Tania is not only a talented photographer and designer, as demonstrated by her portfolio, but her strong work-ethic and uplifting attitude make her a joy to work with!
  • Bruno Pinho
    Bruno Pinho
    Tânia is a fast learner. When she joined the team at OceanLab, we had some ambitious projects going on and Tânia easily surpassed her lack of experience with great learning eager and turned out to be decisive in the projects' success. She evolved a lot during and since the times we worked together and I would work with her again with no reserves.
  • Cyrus Hendry
    Cyrus Hendry
    I met Tânia a few years ago in Sumba where she took some incredible shots of us surfing. She was able to really capture the best waves of the trip which took a lot of skill and patience! I was also lucky enough to have her stay at my place in Bali where she took some very special pictures of the villa and of the villa's two residents - Lucas and Ombak - 2 Bali pups! She's very professional and has a great eye and amazing skill - anyone would be lucky to have her take pictures for them. And to top it off ... she's wonderful!
  • Sean Borland
    Sean Borland
    Tania Araujo did all the design work and photography for my new website. Her work has been excellent. She is professional, creative, driven and always delivers before deadlines. Tania has also created invitations, Facebook banners and promotional flyers for me. Her versatility with design, videography and photography have meant that I could use the same person for everything I needed. I would highly recommend Tania and plan to continue working with her for all future projects.
  • Carla Petzold-Beck
    Carla Petzold-Beck

    Tania is a great asset to a management team and with her amazing eye for detail, captures moments that are priceless.

    With her international background, she can host and guide guests from all over the world. Whether small families, Honeymooners or adventure seekers, she is a fearless photographer bobbing in high waves on zodiacs to catch surfers cutting their epic wave or hiking hours on end through tropical landscapes to capture the magic when clients are experiencing a new culture and not even aware of her lens capturing those moments.

    Her passion, along with photography is SCUBA diving, where her heart sings underwater just as much as above. With this added experience, it rounds up a most interesting resume of a young, dynamic woman, seeking adventure and mirroring those memorable moments back to you through her lens with talent, heart and soul.

    Her never ending smile, engagement, ease at adapting to any culture gives value added souvenirs to your esteemed guests.

    I recommend her without hesitation and can attest that she would complement any dynamic team, no matter where in this world she will head to next.

    Best of luck and Godspeed Tania !! Regards, Carla

  • Winnie Lui
    Winnie Lui
    Dear Tania
    I really appreciate you being the hot sun taking pictures. I really love the ones you took of me surfing!
    Thank you for your professionalism and I look to meeting up with you again in the near future.
  •  Joana van Zeller
    Joana van Zeller
    Tânia has done a great job for us; we have the most amazing photos from many different places in the hotel. And, some of these places were really difficult to photograph : Moreover Tânia had to do reall acrobatic angles to get the best shot! But last but least, Tânia is an easy, friendly caracter always willing to do the best in her job.
how can I describe

my Photography style?

Photography is like a moment, an instant.
You need a half-second to get the photo. So it’s good to capture people when they are themselves.

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