2014 - 2016

A Magical Place

Sumba was known amongst foreign traders as being an island of fierce warriors where headhunting expeditions were common. It’s a place of strong traditions and beliefs were we still can find genuine people.

My journey in Sumba begun in September 2014 when I started doing photography for Nihiwatu Resort. Four days after arrival, I was moving to one of the most remote and raw islands in Indonesia, 50 minutes by plain from Bali. I can say that it was love at first sight!

A primitive island, where the local language, religion and traditional lifestyle has been preserved from the western cultures through out the centuries. Here we can find a highly stratified society based on caste and one of the few places in the world with megalithic burials. The Pasola, a stage fight between rivals on horse back, is the island’s yearly most important.

A magical place with it’s own believes and traditional houses, where every one is welcome.

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