August 2018

Hanging Gardens of Bali

I just had arrived from Portugal and I was already on the move … a new photo project in Bali, at the cultural heart of the island: Ubud!

Ubud is located almost in the centre of Bali and due to it’s elevation (200meters above the sea level), enjoys cooler temperatures than the coast. It’s always a good idea to bring something warmer for the cooler nights. It’s probably one of the touristic places of the island that keeps the traditions and culture: the incense sense and colourful offerings adorning every street you pass through, the traditional architecture, the rice fields, ….

Nested in the most mystical jungle area of Ubud, we can find Hanging Gardens of Bali. A luxurious resort surrounded by lush rain forest and picturesque rice terraces, overlooking Ayung River and the ancient Dalem Segara temple. The perfect place to relax immersed in the most magical and natural atmosphere.

The weather was not the ideal for what brought me to this incredible place: I was invited to create some content of their experiences for social media.

This property knows what they’re doing and guests will get pampered during their stay with so many unique experiences: picnic by the river, bicycling along the jungle and rice paddies, floating breakfast, market tour and cooking classes with ingredients picked up from their own organic garden and a variety of locations for a very special romantic dinner (either on the temple, private villa or even in the jungle, near the river).

There’s no better place to stop the time and enjoy some quality time.

Check their Instagram and feel the magic!

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