fast on the trigger

For me, the most challenging of sport photography are the surf photos.

Coming to Indonesia, the only thing I knew about surf was that is a water sport played with a board … then I arrived in Sumba Island.

As one of the best places in the world for surfing, most of the surfers in house wanted photos of themselves riding the perfect wave, so it was time for me to learn how to capture those moments. I started with my underwater diving housing, a pair of fins, mask and snorkel. Not knowing the wave behaviour and where to position myself  and with such a heavy and expensive gear on my hands, I soon realised that I to change my strategy … That’s when I started taking photos from the Zodiac (a small “rubber boat”).

With this new approach I soon learnt how to read the waves and to know the surfers, so that I was able to place the zodiac in the right place to get the perfect angle.

Action photography with horses is also very challenging, specially during the Polo Games, where all the movements of the players were unpredictable.

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