Skyscraper City

Long dismissed as little more than a sterile stopover, Singapore has reinvented itself as one of the world’s hotlist destinations.

Lonely Planet

Every now and then I have to go to Singapore, usually with not that many free time. Is a big city in small and diverse tropical island country. Many cultures live here in harmony, in a landscape full of skyscrapers, gardens and waterscapes.

Due to its multi-cultural population, Singapore is known by it’s numerous public holidays: Chinese, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Indian, and Christian. So if you need to do something in this city and you have a tight schedule,  better be informed in advance.

Shopping and eating are the national hobbies, and there’s plenty to choose from. As for shopping, Singapore has an abundance of malls, some generic, and some very specific –  drones, cameras, high-end wifi, electronics, gadgets, clothing or even esoteric goods, just to mention a few! Restaurants and food stalls are everywhere, offering from inexpensive budget meals, to the most fine dining, cooked my international chefs. While wandering around shopping, or just sightseeing, it’s easy to start your day on a tea in Little India, have lunch in China Town market and dine a Chilli crab near Marina Bay Sands – or some sushi and live music on the vibrant Clark Quay.

Children will love the Zoo, the beautiful Bird Park, and the numerous attractions in Sentosa,  not to mention the green houses in the Gardens by the Bay. For the most romantic, a boat ride along the canals, is also a must-go.


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