March 2017


In these lost islands I fell home, I’m in my water element!

This journey began in Cambodia, early March, with my “Sumba Sister” Mary Tilson in Hariharilaya, an inspiring yoga retreat located in a traditional cambodian village, 40 minutes away from Siem Reap.

With my soul full of good energies and my body rested of busy months in Sumba, was time to go back to my favourite element …. water!

Living in Sumba Island for such a long time, made understand the true meaning of my favourite quote: “Always expect the unexpected”. But this time, it was beyond imagination.

From Siem Reap I met my friend Patrick in Male (the capital-island of Maldives) for a lifetime adventure, in one of the most amazing places in the world.

Maldives is a group of 26 natural atolls, with 1190 islands and sandbanks, in the Indian Ocean, south of Sri Lanka. All these islands are threaten by the Global Warming due to the rise of the ocean’s water levels, but until then, it’s home for one of the most exclusive and spectacular underwater life.

We explored the island of Male, visiting the local mosques (as a Muslim country, just this small island have 45 mosques), palaces and my favourite place: the traditional fish market.

But the best part was still yet to come. Arriving for the fists time during the night, I couldn’t see how beautiful this country was. From the sky, the colour of the water is simply breathtaking and was starting to cast a spell on me and it was hard to believe on what my eyes were seeing: beautiful small islands with tall palm trees, surrounded by the most astounding turquoise waters.

After a short “taxi drive” (10 minutes on a speed boat from Male to the airport) and a short flight to Laamu Atoll, we were welcomed by the incredible and always super friendly staff of Sixsenses Laamu. For the entire stay, our shoes were kept in a bag given upon arrival.

Our home for this trip was one of the water villas and our hardest decision was choosing between shooting underwater or out of water … after all that was the reason why I was there: taking photos for SixSenses.

During one week, we dove in extraordinary dive spots, ride our personalised plated bycicles along the island, whatched a couple of movies under the starts, “chased” big schools of dolphing when visiting desert islands, start gazing every single night, delicious food in one of the 5 available restaurants, ice-cream moments after diving. Moments to keep: snorkeling with black tip sharks, night snorkeling right outside of our villa with squids and millions of tiny fishs and last but not least … visiting the Start Wars Island.

The only though after the one best weeks of my life was: I don’t want to leave this Island.

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